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Who is Eligible

Membership - Who is Eligible to Become a Member

  • Employees of the U.S. Government living or working in Travis County or the surrounding counties which border on Travis County, and their immediate families
  • Employees, homeowners and others who are members of groups which have fulfilled the membership requirements, and their immediate families. Click here to see if you're eligible to join.
  • Field employees of U.S. Government agencies headquartered in Austin, Texas, and their immediate families
  • Civil service employees of military bases in Austin, Texas, and their immediate families
  • Retired military and employees of the aforementioned categories
  • Widows or widowers of government employees or retired civil service employees
  • Employees of the credit union, and their immediate families
  • Members of The Friends of the Austin Public Library
  • Members of The Friends of the Pflugerville Library
  • Members of the Lobo Club in Kyle
Help a local area non-profit organization while gaining eligibility to join GEFCU!
You can gain eligibility for membership by making a $15 donation to The Friends of the Austin Public Library, The Friends of the Pflugerville Library or the Lobo Club at the time of account opening. This will allow you to take advantage of all of GEFCU's services and products, from free checking and free home banking, to our extremely competitive loan rates, while helping support a great cause!

How to Apply for Membership Eligibility for a Business or Group

Offer your employees or group members the benefits of credit union membership. Upon approval through NCUA, groups of employees and members of companies and associations are able to apply for membership eligibility.

GEFCU accepts applications for new SEG's (Select Employee Groups) within a 25 mile radius of any branch.

Interested companies or associations must send a request on letterhead stating:

  • That the group wants to be added to the federal credit union's field of membership.
  • The number of employees or members to be added.
  • The group's location(s).
  • The group's proximity (miles) to the credit union's nearest service facility.
  • An association must include a copy of its bylaws for consideration.
  • Note: Any company/association with 3000 or more employees/members must include an addendum with its request. Contact GEFCU for addendum requirements.

Contact GEFCU's Marketing Director by email at or by phone at (512) 339-9812. 

Mail request to: 
Attn: Marketing Director 
P.O. Box 81535 
Austin, TX 78708-1535