GEFCU Status

  1. Member to Member transfers failing  

    There is an issue affecting both iOS and Windows PC users.  In all cases, the member is putting a memo in the transfer request field.  Without the memo the transfer is successful.  We have engaged our developers and hope to have a resolution for this issue soon!

    If you get an error stating "No valid accounts" when selecting Member to Member transfer please contact us through home banking, the app, or by calling in! 

  2. Internal Recurring Transfers

     All internal recurring transfers (GEFCU account/loan to GEFCU account/loan) that were established in the old home banking platform need to be re-created.

  3. Linked Accounts

     If you had accounts linked in the past, please submit a message from the new home banking and request the link(s) to be re-established.

  4. Recurring External Transfers to GEFCU

    If you had a recurring transfer setup to pay your loan(s) we are in the process of getting them routed back to pay the loan.  All external transfers were routed to your savings account during the migration.

  5. Bill Pay

    We are aware of an issue logging into Bill Pay from the iOS and Android apps.  Members are getting stuck in a loop trying to get a validation code.  As a temporary workaround, please use the Bill Pay login from our website (or click here).